5″ High Remote Display

The SSD-5 was designed for outdoor industrial environments with a recommended viewing distance between 25 and 125 feet and a maximum recommended distance of 175 feet.  Typical applications include truck and axle scales.  This unit comes with a mounting bracket that can be used on both a wall and a poll.


Welcome to the future of electronic displays with Matko’s SSD5. Revolutionizing the industry with enhanced features, simplified setup, and unbeatable value, the SSD5 offers unparalleled convenience and performance. With larger numbers for enhanced visibility, effortless setup with tool-free latches, and quick-release boardsets for easy maintenance, the SSD5 redefines user experience. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with Matko’s SSD5, where innovation meets reliability for a brighter tomorrow.

Technical Specifications:

Model: SSD5
Display Type: Electronic LED Display
Digit Size: 5″ tall Digits
Power Supply: runs on 110-240V AC or 12V DC

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SSD Manual