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New SSD Series Displays

Enhanced Features, Simplified Setup, Unbeatable Value

25 Year Industry leader With An Amazing Track Recored.

Easy And Fast To Setup, Better User Experience

The SSD series offers several features aimed at simplifying setup and installation. These include front access to boards for easier setup, no tools required to open the display, and reorganized options with expanded buttons for easier navigation. These enhancements save time and effort during installation, making the process more efficient.

Larger Numbers, Enhanced Visibility

The SSD series features larger digit sizes compared to its predecessor, the SBL series, which allows for 25% further viewing distances. This improvement enhances visibility and readability, resulting in a better user experience for both installers and end users.

Cost-Effective Replacement Parts

SSD-5 model showcases a reduced shipping weight compared to its SBL counterpart. Additionally, our commitment to providing cost-effective replacement parts ensures peace of mind for our customers, with easy access to affordable solutions in case of maintenance or upgrades.

Leading the Future

Introducing Matko's SSD Series

For over two and a half decades, Matko has been at the forefront of display solutions, earning the trust of customers worldwide. Our rich history of innovation and reliability has paved the way for our latest breakthrough: the SSD series. With our commitment to excellence standing as a cornerstone, the SSD represents a leap forward in remote display technology. From its inception, our goal has been to redefine industry standards and lead the way towards an exciting future for the scale industry. Customers have long relied on Matko to deliver top-notch displays that exceed expectations, and the SSD series is no exception. As we embark on this new chapter, our 25-year journey serves as a testament to the trust and loyalty our customers have placed in us. With the SSD series leading the charge, Matko reaffirms its position as the go-to partner for cutting-edge display solutions that propel the industry forward into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

Latch Lid Design

Get Access Without Tools

Simplify access with the SSD Series' tool-free latches. Bid farewell to cumbersome tools and screws – our innovative latches grant effortless entry into the display's interior. By simply unlatching the lid, you gain swift and hassle-free access without the need for additional equipment. Whether you're setting up or conducting maintenance, the SSD Series' tool-free latches streamline the process, saving valuable time and effort.

Secure Lid Supports

Improving Maintenance Practices

Upgrade your maintenance experience with the SSD Series' advanced lid supports, a vast improvement over our old display designs. Gone are the days of dropped doors and lost screws. With the SSD Series, you no longer need to worry about finding a place to set the lid while working at heights. The innovative lid supports automatically lock the lid in place, providing stability and eliminating safety concerns. Say goodbye to precarious balancing acts and hello to worry-free maintenance with the SSD Series.

Maintenance Made Easy

Quick-Release Boardsets

Experience unmatched convenience with the SSD Series' innovative removable boardsets. With just a simple press of the clip located at the top of the board, accompanied by the swift unplugging of the ribbon cable, you can effortlessly remove and replace boardsets. This user-friendly design not only streamlines maintenance and repairs but also offers easy access for inspecting the enclosure's interior. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to hassle-free maintenance with Matko's SSD Series.

Effortless Functionality Expansion

SSD Series Expansion Cards

Seamlessly integrate additional features into your display units with ease using Matko's Expansion Cards. Designed for straightforward insertion and removal, these cards simplify the process of expanding your display's capabilities. With standardized parts across multiple models, technicians need only stock a limited range of replacement components, optimizing efficiency. Enhance your displays with basic functionalities such as wireless connectivity, or analog inputs, available for purchase separately.

Simplified Operation

Menu Navigation and Reset Control

With the addition of more buttons, navigating the menu has never been smoother, allowing users to effortlessly access various features and settings. The intuitive layout ensures quick and intuitive navigation, minimizing time spent on configuration. Moreover, the prominent reset button provides a convenient solution for restoring the display to its factory settings, ready to learn a new data stream with ease. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with Matko's SSD Series, where user-friendly design meets unparalleled functionality.

Matko is excited to announce the launching of our new SSD Series of remote displays. We will begin rolling out this series in the next couple months beginning with our SSD-5 models. Our SSD-2 and SSD-8 models will roll out later this year. Each of the SSD models features larger digit sizes than their SBL series counterparts as well as more features and easier setup and installation. The SBL series was first introduced back in 2000 and has been our main production for almost a quarter of a century, but it is time to update. Our goal from the beginning was to make a better display for the installer and for the end user. The benefits of the SSD-5 models include:

25% larger digits => 25% further viewing distances All options reorganized putting the most common first and expanding the buttons available means they are easier to navigate. No tools required to open display UPS Dimensional weight dropped from 32 lbs. to 25 lbs. for the SSD-5 from the SBL-4 Front access to the boards for easier setup Standard units can operate on AC voltage or 12 VDC. (14-35 VDC available as separate option) Stoplight models now 40% larger diameter circles and have Amber light in addition to Red and Green. Dedicated hardware to boost data signal for other displays/devices For common lightning strikes the data input card will be cheaper than the SBL series motherboards to replace. The best part of this upgrade is that even though the SSD-5 is half way between the SBL-4 and SBL-6 Series for height, Matko is able to offer them at the corresponding SBL-4 Series price levels. This in addition to the lower shipping weight results in a larger display for less money for you and your customers.

We will begin to phase out the SBL-4 models in mid 2024 and the other models in late 2024 or as inventory dictates. We will continue to offer tech support and replacement parts for all SBL series parts for at least 5 years after the models are officially discontinued. PO’s for SBL-4 Series displays may be fulfilled with the SSD replacement model.

For more information including SSD training videos, manuals and a conversion chart from SBL to SSD models, please go to

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SBL Part Number SSD Part Number Notes
SBL-4 SSD-5 25% Larger.
SBL-4-DC SSD-5-DC 25% Larger.  Standard SSD-5 will run 12 volts DC out of the box
SBL-4-UL SSD-5-UL 25% Larger.
SBL-4A SSD-5-A 25% Larger.
SBL-4A-DC SSD-5-A-DC 25% Larger.  Standard SSD-5-A will run 12 volts DC out of the box
SBL-4A-UL SSD-5-A-UL 25% Larger.
SBL-4SG SSD-5-TRISG 25% Larger digit.  40% larger circle, Now Red, Green and Amber Light
SBL-4-SG-DC SSD-5-TRISG-DC 25% Larger digit.  40% larger circle, Now Red, Green and Amber Light.  Standard SSD-5-TRISG will run 12 volts DC out of the box
SBL-4-SG-UL SSD-5-TRISG-UL 25% Larger.
SBL-4SGA SSD-5-TRISG-A 25% Larger digit.  40% larger circle, Now Red, Green and Amber Light
SBL-4SGA-DC SSD-5-TRISG-A-DC 25% Larger digit.  40% larger circle, Now Red, Green and Amber Light. Standard SSD-5-TRISG-A will run 12 volts DC out of the box
SBL-4SGA-UL SSD-5-TRISG-A-UL 25% Larger digit.  40% larger circle, Now Red, Green and Amber Light
SBL-4-XT300 SSD-5-XTP 25% Larger.