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Matko offers custom quotes for your specialty projects.  See something you like, but want it modified for your unique application? Need a mystery box that uses a print button to take a data stream, strip out the weight, add special formatting and transmit it at a different baud rate? Need a 16 digit BCD converter for legacy equipment your customer doesn't want to upgrade? Want to take inputs from multiple indicators then transmit those weights with a sum to a remote device? Why not make it wireless while you're at it? When you have a custom need think Matko!

Here are just a few of the many specialty projects we have done over the years.  These are non-professional photos.  Other modifications include custom software, installing indicators/remote zero switches into remotes, making units wireless or stainless steel enclosures.  Most of our remotes can also be made UL compliant. 

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Up Down Counters

Modified remotes that will trigger based on a pulse rather than a serial input

Class I Division 1 explosion proof SBL-2 modified to show 5 digits




4-20 mA


Converts 4-20 mA signal levels to an RS 232 signal. 

Multiple SBL-2 units in a single Case


SBL-2-TRI (Can be used for a Cattle Scale)








Multiple SBL-4 units in a single Case


SBL-4-TRI (Can be used for a Cattle Scale)



A standard SBL-4 with green LEDs  






A standard SBL-4 with Amber LEDs


An RD-100 unit with built in wireless receiver in a stainless steel enclosure  




An SBL-2 unit in a Stainless Steel enclosure
An SBL-6 unit in a Stainless Steel enclosure



SBL-9-2 Digit

A 9" high character wireless remote.  The transmitter had 12 buttons, and when any of the buttons were pressed, the corresponding tunnel number was displayed.
A SBL-6 Remote display with amber LEDs in a stainless steel enclosure





A wireless stop and go system to control traffic in two tunnels.  Mini stop and go units are mounted in multiple loaders.  A button press on any unit changes the light for that tunnel on all units.
Converts BCD to Serial or Serial to BCD.  +5 to +24 VDC operation.  6 Digits of data

BCD Converter


Input Summer

Manages data via custom software.  Unit can be used as a data logger, sum up to 4 separate data streams and modify data output



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